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Say goodbye to blank pages, hello to beautiful blogs.

Write, not fight code. Beautiful templates. Easy customization. Start your blog with Blocsapp. Simply personalize, write, and share your story within minutes.



Blog Newspaper Blocs Template 

Tell your story, captivate your audience. The Writer is a versatile website template built for bloggers, creators, and publishers, offering everything you need to create a beautiful.



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22  January, 2024

Tell your story your way. The Writer offers two stunning themes to match your unique style: classic for a timeless feel or modern for a contemporary edge. Enjoy a simple and elegant design that lets your writing shine and powerful features that make content creation a breeze. Join a community of writers and creators with The Writer.

The primary goal of this template is to simplify and make blogging more accessible for everyone.

Highlight Template

  • Simply empowers you to write, edit, publish, and reach your audience with ease, keeping you organized and in control every step of the way.

  • Ditch distractions, unleash your focus. Simply's unique focus mode highlights your writing, minimizes clutter, and lets you write with laser precision.

  • Your story, your style. Choose from Simply's two stunning themes: a classic design for timeless elegance or a modern design for a sleek and contemporary look.

Design for Every Storyteller: Classic & Modern Inspiration for Your Space

More than just walls, it's your masterpiece. Whether you crave enduring sophistication or audacious expression, this blog unlocks classic and modern design secrets. Craft a space that reflects your soul, captivates your audience, and becomes a timeless testament to your creativity.


Classics Design Blog

Embrace enduring style.

This classic design blog offers a timeless canvas for your content, allowing it to shine with sophistication and grace. Captivate your audience with stories of iconic aesthetics, refined craftsmanship, and spaces that whisper elegance.

Whether you're a design devotee or seeking timeless inspiration, this blog is your refuge for effortless, enduring beauty.


Classics Post

Elevate your words with timeless elegance.

This blog is your canvas to craft and share stories of classic design, reaching an audience captivated by enduring beauty. Link, sell, and showcase your work, all within a haven of refined aesthetics and enduring style.

Let your passion for the classics paint a picture of inspiration, one post at a time.


Modern Design Blog

Tell your story in bold strokes.

This modern design blog is your vibrant magazine, where content meets cutting-edge style. Dive into breathtaking architectural journeys, discover innovative trends, and learn to infuse your space with audacious spirit.

Join a community of passionate pioneers, push creative boundaries, and craft a home that reflects your unique, modern voice.


Modern Post

Ignite the future of design.

Push the boundaries of design, ignite your creative spark, and share your vision with the world. This blog is your vibrant magazine, where cutting-edge lines, innovative materials, and forward-thinking ideas collide. 

Link, sell, and showcase your work—everything in one audacious space to unleash your unique modern spirit.

Write your story, Your content, your canvas, your world.

From news and links to stories and ideas – anything, everything finds its home on our simple post platform. Write, edit, publish, and reach your audience – all while staying organized and in control.

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The simple post editor made for storytellers.

Unleash your inner storyteller, one post at a time. Captivate the world with your words, ideas, and news. Our simple post platform is your launchpad, your canvas, your voice amplifier. Write, edit, publish, and share – the possibilities are endless.


Highlights the active sentence.

Make your sentence the star. Focus mode spotlights the active sentence, pushing distractions aside and letting your words shine.

Focus mode: Laser in on your words. Ditch distractions, amplify key elements, and write with laser focus.

Questions & Answers

I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Please feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience.

The Writer template is perfect for blogs and newspapers due to its versatile design and tailored features for these publications. It offers a sleek and professional layout that enhances the presentation of content, making it visually appealing and easy to navigate for readers.

The Writer template provides a user-friendly interface that allows writers and editors to craft and modify content seamlessly. With the help of Blocsapp, a powerful web design tool, users can easily customize the template to suit their needs.

We kindly payment for the blog on a one-time basis.

Our products can only be legally purchased on official websites such as Sellfy and Gumroad. Purchasing our products from any other website may be unsafe and illegal.


Blog Newspaper HTML & Blocs Template 

The Writer is a multipurpose responsive Blocs template ideal for bloggers, content creators, newspapers, and magazines.



Blog Newspaper HTML & Blocs Template 

Tell your story, captivate your audience. The Writer is a versatile website template built for bloggers, creators, and publishers, offering everything you need to create a beautiful.

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