Create a website in just minutes with our library's ready-made styles and classes. Customize your elements with ease by choosing from a selection of over 250 pre-made styles and classes.

Library of Pre-made Styles and Classes.

In a matter of minutes, bring your website to life with our library's pre-crafted styles and classes. With over 250 options at your disposal, customizing your elements is a breeze.

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Unleash your creativity and construct a website in mere minutes with our library's extensive range of over 250 pre-made styles and classes.

Power of styles frameworks

Template frameworks offer ready-made styles and classes for UI elements, typography, buttons, effects, gradients, transforms, and more.

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Typography of classes elements, text bolder, overline, line through, text vertical align, overflow, uppercase, capitalize, align content, text indent, display heading, text multiple columns.

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Image, card, box, div of classes elements, border radius of any corner, effects shadow and shadow hover, opacity, gradients in a div or text.

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