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Focus on your writing with Missoula, a minimalist Volt CMS template. Explore categories, recent posts, and easily publish from any website.

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Recent Stories & Story Search

Discover stories with Recent Stories & Story Search, a minimalist blog template for Volt CMS.

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Browse by Category

Discover stories by topic with this Volt CMS template, designed for easy browsing and exploration.

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Write & Publish Directly from the Website

Write and publish your stories directly from your blog without using Blocs - simply log in and start writing and publishing your stories.

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Login to Write & Manage Your Posts

Login to your dashboard to write, edit, and manage your stories.

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Volt CMS

Volt CMS allows you to define editable content regions in Blocs, which you are able to edit online. No additional installation steps outside of Blocs required.


Missoula template — minimalist and clean blog template designed for Volt CMS by Blocs. It is meticulously created and easily customizable, making it ideal for writers, bloggers, and news teams to present their writing and share their distinctive stories.

Missoula is a minimalist blog template for Volt CMS that makes writing, sharing, and connecting with your audience easy. Discover stories by topic, browse recent posts, and search our archive. Publish directly from any website without extra tools, then log in to your dashboard to edit and manage your content—simple, focused blogging with Volt CMS.

Missoula Website Templates — create, add content and media using Volt CMS, crafted by Blocs.


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30 June, 2024




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