Starting your project is as simple as using pre-built classes, empowering you to craft a breathtaking website easily.


28 DEC, 2023


Save Time, Boost Creativity


Build your dream website in minutes with pre-made class designs. Choose from 30+ classes and quickly launch your website without adding each design.

Pre-Set Classes

Start your project with pre-built classes for typography, paragraphs, text decoration, alignment, shadows, and icon size.

Accessibility Boost 

Our intuitive blank template and pre-made classes allow anyone to create a stunning website easily.

Skip the Setup

Launch your website in minutes without having to start from scratch.

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Instant website design with pre-made classes.

The blank template provides pre-made classes for building more accessible websites. These classes include typography, paragraph, text decoration, alignment, shadow, and icon size.


Basic heading standards make your website more responsive and readable on all devices. 

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Display and Paragraph

Use larger fonts for Display and p smaller fonts for body text. There are more font levels than baseline.

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Text Decoration

You can use text decoration to make your text stand out. It includes lighter, bolder, underlined, and overline.

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Align and Direction

Text can be aligned to the left, right, or center, and its direction can be set to left-to-right or right-to-left.

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Text Indent

The text-indent property defines the amount of space before the first line of text in a block.

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Add a shadow to an image or card to make it look more realistic and stylish.

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Size of Icon

7 classes for resizing icons to your desired size and style, matching your UI/UX and website.

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Blank Template

Build your website in minutes with easy-to-use pre-built classes. The blank template builder is for everyone!




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